C-Clear: A Center for Innovation and Empowerment

  • Our Mission

    “To empower economically disadvantaged youth and adults by helping them to reach their true potential while serving as a catalyst for economic growth and change in the community.”

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Established in 2009 with
Two Founding Members

Curtis & Tracey Reaves shared a collective
passion and a vision for reimagining the
possibilities for the blighted communities around
them. The pair believed that they could Cultivate
Communities, empower Leaders, Entrepreneurs,
and Artists with a goal of community and
economic Revitalization, hence the name C-clear.

Non-Profit Designation Obtained

C-clear is a 501c3 non-profit community and
economic development corporation. We are
purposefully designed to ignite the hidden
potential of youth and adults residing in
disadvantaged communities. C-clear is a catalyst
in fostering character, career, and lifestyle
empowerment. It provides real answers in
acquiring personal and economic wealth for
families, businesses, and the community.

The Vision and Purpose

C-clear is reinventing lives, changing communities
and impacting a generation of people, through
cutting-edge arts, technology, leadership,
and entrepreneurial programs.
We are working to break the cycle
of generational poverty. C-clear will give aspiring
entrepreneurs a platform to develop their products,
create job opportunities, and strengthen the community,
as well as the local economy.

The Building Restoration Project

We are working to transform our building in McKeesport, into a central destination for community gatherings. It will be fully equipped with roomy office space, two storefronts, and an enclosed rear green space. Once complete, our building will be a place for innovation and learning, along with a business incubator and event space. The facility will also house our youth barista program and coffee house, “Urban Java.” C-clear, is a center for innovation and empowerment!

C-Clear Building Restoration Project

Currently unoccupied and built in the late 19th century, our new C-clear space is in the inaugural stages of a complete building restoration. Our building is paid in full and boasts over 6,000 square feet of massive potential.

It features two wide open storefronts with two floors of office and programming space located directly above. The enclosed rear outdoor green space is perfect for hosting intimate private and community events, while indoor exhibit space rents for shows and events. The facility will also house our youth barista program and coffee house, “Urban Java.”

Our goal is to transform the building into a central destination for community gatherings, a place for innovative learning, and a cutting-edge business incubator space, stimulating community engagement and our plan for sustainability. This gives aspiring entrepreneurs a platform to develop job creation and new community and economic development.

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C-Clear Empowerment Inc.

327-329 Shaw Ave

McKeesport, PA 15132

E: info@c-clear.org

Drop us an E-mail anytime, we aspire to respond
to all inquiries within 24-48 hrs.


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